[September] Day 1: 3 gifts of summer

Hello, September! This is going to such an exciting month for us because a lot of things will be changing but we know God will be us and that He will bless us! 

From both of us and the kiddo: 

  1. Maggie: Fun picnics with the handsome men and our favorite teenager. We had such a blast! The kiddo requested “burritos de tuna” and the teenager made some really yummy chocolate raspberry muffins. And Eric totally hit it out of the park because he bought a super delicious watermelon! Oh and the littlest napped like a king and then nursed like a champ :)
  2. Eric:  My youngest and his antics. I have undressed him for his bath and he is currently on the lam. I am 100% certain he is hiding in the pantry because I hear him snickering and giggling from that general direction. I am biding my time and perfecting my strategy. My child is a quiet talented escape artist and I need to be prepared.
  3. Kiddo: “Chocolate donuts con lechita de almendritas. Daddy got me a donut and then he let me read for extra minutes! Like, despues de mi bedtime!”

Feel free to follow September’s Joy Dare along with us! Whether you write down your blessings in your journal or blog, learning to appreciate the little things on a daily basis is something you won’t regret! 

happynaae asked:

Hey, am I late to ask any questions? :) Any favourite sounds? Favourite childhood/enjoyable memories?

Not late and thank you :)

Favorite sounds? Ohhh…it’s definitely a tie between giggles from from my little men and my husband’s voice. 

Childhood memories? Summers in Argentina with my mom’s family. I have three older brothers and I loved going to Argentina because I have lots of girl cousins. It was awesome! 




talk to kids like they’re people and take full interest in what they’re saying because they’re forming their personalities and it’s really vital that they know that their opinions are important and what they have to say deserves validation and respect. so when your three year old niece tells you that dragons don’t like cupcakes because the color blue is a spoon you better nod your head and ask her to explain more about that. 


quechulas: I told him that he’s gonna get fat and that I married him for his washboard abs, and my husband was such a smart-butt. 

He said, “Margarita, I’m stress eating and a few extra curves hurt no one. Think about it, there would be more of me for you to love and that’s an all-around win!”

quechulas: I told him that he’s gonna get fat and that I married him for his washboard abs, and my husband was such a smart-butt.

He said, “Margarita, I’m stress eating and a few extra curves hurt no one. Think about it, there would be more of me for you to love and that’s an all-around win!”

Anonymous asked:

Do you have advice for someone that's scared about having sex in the future :/ I'm 18 and it's expected of me to grow up fast and that's one of them but I'm really shy around guys and weird about dating and stuff

I would say that you should never let your self be rushed into anything.

Sex is a really big step that can have some intense consequences…both good and bad. Here’s the thing, you can start having sex when you’re 18 or wait until your 50 or even decide you never want to have sex and that’s perfectly okay. It’s your choice. 

And having sex doesn’t mean you’re all grown up. Having sex doesn’t mean you’re an adult or that you’re ready to start making adult decisions.

quechulas asked:

Some more Q's for you two: Maggie, do you wear makeup? What do you wear if you do? And for both of you: What are some of your favorite daily rituals to do alone, together, as a family? i.e. sitting down to dinner together, putting the kids to bed, taking some personal time to read or relax etc.

Thanks :)

Do you wear make-up: Yes but not every day. I don’t always have enough time…mommy and wife life is hectic! I usually wear primer, pressed powder, mascara, eyeliner, tinted lip balm.

Daily rituals: 

Eric (alone): He usually always makes time to read his daily devotional—mornings or evenings, depending on how the day goes.

Maggie: (alone): I like to read after dropping the kiddo off at school. The littlest will usually take a nap when we come back home and I use that break to take a breath and relax from the craziness of getting everyone ready and out the door for school/work.

Family: We always do our best to have dinner together—no TV, phones, tablets, work, or homework allowed at the dinner table. It’s our time to catch up and talk. We always put the little men to bed together because we read bedtime stories and pray every night. Oh and washing/drying the dishes…it’s a team effort!!  


Anonymous asked:

What's one principle you firmly believe in, in regards to your parenting philosophy?

We have high expectations of our little men because we know they’re both capable of greatness—in their own unique ways, of course—but we also know they’re kids. Our rules and expectations are adapted to their developmental stage and ability to comprehend. 

quechulas asked:

What type of music do you listen to most, or like the most? What TV shows have you been watching lately? Do you have a favorite flower? Do you prefer chewing gum or mints?

What type of music do you listen to the most—

Eric: Rancheras

Maggie: Selena. We listen to Selena all day, every day! 

What TV Shows have you been watching lately:

Maggie: Bitten, Royal Pains, Young & Hungry, The Strain

Eric: Legends, Hell On Wheels, The Strain

Favorite flower: Orchids!

Chewing gum or mints—

Maggie: Gum.

Eric: Mints.

quechulas: Thank you! My FIL had to rushed to the hospital and we’re all here waiting for news. Your questions are such a helpful distraction :)