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Yeah, we saw this and I was like “no, just no.”

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supposedly this just tastes like cinnamon and potato, according to someone I know who was brave enough to try it

hastywife: Right? My little brother wants to know how many people eat this at parties to warrant a “party size” bag. He says he’s going to write a letter!

sadchula: Okay, but what does cinnamon and potato taste like when mixed together? I’m so curious. I almost bought a bag just to taste them but then I got scared. 

Monday night blessings…

  1. I talked to my little man and he was super excited because Daddy took him to the pet-store to play with the bunnies. 
  2. Eric gave me an update on my FIL and Abuelo’s health is improving every day! He got up to walk for a few minutes today. God is good!!
  3. The teenager. She’s feeling really homesick and we’re all missing her so much but she had a good first day of classes which is definitely a reason to feel thankful! 
  4. My dad made orange-chipotle chicken with grilled zucchini. It was delicious! And he scored major points with the littlest because he made him a special bowl of chickpeas pureed soup :)
  5. The littlest has been in the best mood today! We’ve had zero tantrums today and that’s a first! 
  6. Chocolate. Chocolate is to me what Pizza Hut is to the kiddo. 

Mr. Dramatic.

  • Eric: Send me a photo of your boobs.
  • Me: [sending him what he requested]
  • Eric: Margarita!
  • Me: What?
  • Eric: This is a photo of you nursing our son.
  • Me: But my boobs are in it...
  • Eric: Yes but this is giving me tender, paternal feelings and I would rather have something to encourage impure thoughts. Flaca, I have needs...
  • Me: Eat some chocolate. That always helps me.
  • Eric: I. Am. Going. To. Die.

Eric's shenanigans backfired so gloriously!

  • Eric: Amor, you wanna...you know, over the phone?
  • Me: Not right now.
  • Eric: Baby, come on. I'm dying! Just--dime, are you wearing that sexy little...you know the one that makes your...look amazing.
  • My dad: Personally, I wouldn't call my khakis sexy but my ass does look great today.
  • Eric: [croaks] Suegro.
  • Me: On speaker, babe. I'm driving.
  • Eric: I hate you.
  • Me: [laughing my butt off]

Thanks, julietchristineee, and sorry it took me a while!

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  1. I like to start reading multiple books at the same time. Seriously, I’m currently reading 5 different books!
  2. I’m good at math but horrible with numbers. Does that even make sense? 
  3. I own way too many pairs of fuzzy socks. 
  4. I had a waffle for dinner tonight. No regrets
  5. I sat down on the floor at the grocery store today next to my littlest because he had a total meltdown. Reason? I didn’t let him eat an onion. 

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